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Winter GPA Graduation


OCATS Professional Development Conference


2016 Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run

DJJ supports Georgia's Special Olympics [more]

2016 Georgia Preparatory Academy Spring Graduation

News and photos from the latest G.P.A. graduation [more]


On Monday, March 30, 2015, Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 91 into law, thereby creating a new code section, O.C.G.A. § 20-2-281.1, this law has become effective. This law removes the requirement of a graduation assessment needed to obtain a high school diploma in Georgia. It provides any student who did not receive a diploma due to not passing the Georgia High School Graduation Test, Georgia High School Writing Test, or any previous graduation assessment, the option to petition a school system to receive their diploma as long as the student meets all other requirements for a high school diploma. In accordance with this law, the Department of Juvenile Justice – Georgia Preparatory Academy has created a petition which can be completed if a student did not receive a high school diploma due to these circumstances. Directions for submitting the petition are included on the form. Once a form is submitted, the student’s record will be reviewed and a determination will be made regarding the diploma. [more]


The Implementation of Facility- Wide PBIS statewide is helping to change the culture in DJJ facilities to a more positive environment where youth and staff are reinforced for displaying the expected behaviors posted in the facility’s local operating procedures that are established within the PBIS Framework.[more]

Volunteer Services Program

The Volunteer Services Program is responsible for the recruitment and screening of prospective volunteers, as well as their orientation and training.[more]

Beat the Streets

Commissioner Avery D. Niles is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative exercise program designed to introduce running to disadvantaged youth. The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice and Atlanta Track Club have created a “Beat the Streets” Program at the Metro Regional Youth Detention Center [more]

Georgia PREA

The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) mandates a ZERO TOLERANCE toward all forms of sexual abuse and harassment. Through PREA, the Prison Rape Elimination Act,  guidelines are provided for staff to reduce the risk of sexual abuse within DJJ facilities/programs/offices (owned, operated or contracted).[more]

Careers at DJJ

The Department of Juvenile Justice has created a one-stop shop for career and employment opportunities at DJJ with the Careers at DJJ website.[more]

Gangs 101 - What You Need to Know

Gang activity is a growing problem at the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). Through education, we can help de-scale Georgia's gang violence problem.[more]

Office of Victim Services

Through its inception, the department has identified victim services as a key to building safe communities in Georgia; by providing a balance between victim rights, public safety and juvenile rehabilitation. The Office of Victim Services is responsible for affording victims of crime access to rights and services provided by Georgia law and departmental policies. [more]

The Emanuel Project

The Atlanta Youth Development Center in Fulton County became the latest juvenile detention facility in the country to participate and unveil a mural as part of the nationwide arts program called the “Emanuel Project”. [more]

DJJ/University of Phoenix Employee Program

The Department of Juvenile Justice and the University of Phoenix are dedicated to building the future of how people learn and by nuturing employees to reach their fullest potential.[more]

GPA Food Services Wellness Goals

The purpose of the Department of Juvenile Justice Wellness Program is to develop wellness programming for the health benefit of DJJ youth in order to reduce obesity, improve nutrition, and increase physical activity. [more]

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The DJJ Communications Team wants to hear from you! Have a story about a DJJ employee who has gone above and beyond the call of duty at work? Tell us and we'll post it here online to let everyone know! We also want your event stories and pictures to share with the DJJ Team. Let everyone know about the good news and people that make up DJJ. Send your pictures and stories to Matt Montgomery at [email protected] today! [email communications]