2017 Division of Support Services Leadership Summit DJJ Staff  at:  2/8/2017  
2017 Division of Support Services Leadership Summit

Photos and information from Deputy Commissioner Margaret Cawood and Assistant Deputy Commissioner Lisa Mantz

The 2017 Division of Support Services Leadership Summit was held from January 11-13 at Lake Blackshear State Park in Cordele. Featuring leadership and administrators from the Office of Health, Office of Behavioral Health Services, Office of Training, Office of Classification Assessment and Transportation and the Office of Health, the 2017 Leadership Summit focused on career training and long-term strategic planning for the division.

A key component of the 2017 Division of Support Services Leadership Summit was group team-building among offices as well as developing an understanding of how each specific office fits in the general organization of the division and DJJ as a whole. DJJ Deputy Commissioner Margaret Cawood gave the attendees an overview of all of the positives taking place at DJJ and suggested direction for strategic planning during the Summit.

A welcome aspect of the Leadership Summit was the ability of the individual offices of the Division of Support Services to take a moment to reflect on the what and why of their work at the Department of Juvenile Justice. Developing realistic strategic goals and the means to put these goals into action were part of this exercise. Positive feedback from leadership including a discussion on the importance of emotional intelligence in decision-making proved to be helpful for the participants.

On the final day of the Summit, attendees were provided training by Dr. Christine Doyle on Vicarious Trauma and Self-Care. A team-building activity preceded final remarks by Deputy Commissioner Cawood that expressed appreciation for the hard work of the Support Services employees during the Summit to develop and implement planning for the upcoming year.




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