DJJ Outreach: Bahrain Judicial Project DJJ Staff  at:  8/3/2016  
DJJ Outreach: Bahrain Judicial Project

As part of the United States Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program, the Department of Juvenile Justice was honored on August 3rd with a special visit from group of high ranking judges from the Kingdom of Bahrain. Observing the United States legal system with a focus on how courts intersect with all aspects of American culture, the Bahraini dignitaries were interested in learning about DJJ’s role in Georgia’s most recent juvenile justice reform.

DJJ Commissioner Avery Niles and DJJ Deputy Commissioner Joe Vignati led the overview discussion of Georgia juvenile justice reform with the emphasis placed on data-driven decisions and the importance of local programming to help transition youth back into their communities. Assistant Commissioner Keith Horton stressed the need for a stable family environment and education in order to ensure present and future success for Georgia’s youth. All speakers underlined the point that juvenile justice reform is working, saving lives and resources for Georgia.

For the judges of Bahrain, their mandate for juvenile protection comes from King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa: Youth are the true national currency of Bahrain. Keeping with this sentiment, Bahrain has one of the leading juvenile justice programs in the Gulf Region. In Bahrain, judges have tremendous leeway to protect youth, including placement in a modern and detailed Youth Center featuring qualified psychologists and social workers. Bahrain is also one of the signatories of the international Child Protection Treaty.

The Department of Juvenile Justice would like to thank all of the members of the Bahraini judicial delegation who were able to attend the presentation including:

Mr. Bader Abdullatif Mohamed Alabdulla, Judge, High Criminal Court, Ministry of Justice
Mr. Waleed Khaled Hasan Ali Raban Alazmi, Judge, Ministry of Justice
Mr. Thaled Ahmed Saleh Almedfa, Judge, Ministry of Justice
Mr. Omar Ali Mahmood Abdulrahim Alsaeedi, Judge, Major Civilian Court, Supreme Judicial Council
Mr. Isa Mohamed Isa Abdulla Darraj, Judge, Major Civil Court Category (B), Ministry of Justice

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